High Quality & Technology

We improve and continue developing our teams with technologies use to become expertist in our industrial.
Provide High Quality Products for Our Customers around the World.

More than 30 years Experience Products and services International Standards

Our products are a combination of high quality materials with High technology used to produce our products into quality and professional products recognized around the world with International standards. International production and testing which has given us the acceptance of customers all over the world.

Our Product & Design Concept

Designed by inventors and professional developers. We understand what our users need for convenient and efficient results.  We try to prepare everything so you can combine our enclosure with your idea to end up with a perfect and good looking finished project.

We believe in providing the best designed and manufactured enclosures at highly competitive prices giving you the best value for your money. We don’t succeed unless your project works and looks “GREAT”.

(New) Latest Version OCP Open Rack: ORV3

The latest version of the Open Compute Projects (OCP) Open Rack ORV3 combines OCP’s 21″ / OU with EIA-31 OE / RU standards to enable a wider range of applications. Using our experience in knock down designs, we have produced both knock down and welded versions of ORV3. The advantage of the knock down design is shipping efficiency, up to 80 sets per 40′ container compared to 27 for fully welded versions… Read more

Partial Overview Of Our Product Lines


ARION V.2: 600 / 800 wide
Solis 600 / 800 wide
OCP Open Rack: ORV3


PF19: Steel /Aluminum
HS19: Aluminum


SA-Series : Aluminum / Steel
EAB Series: Alumnum Extrusion


Hand punch tools and dies


Shelves, Cable Management, Thermal management, Hardware

Product Video Present

ARION V.2 Assembly Guide

ARION One Piece Wallbox

Personal Air Purifier

Mini Mighty Punch

Showcase & Testimonials

Headquarters & Showroom

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Aegistek Corporation Ltd

The main manufacturing site for the groups large OEM clients. AT housed the groups main R&D and testing facilities for the development of our 19” cabinets and outdoor (IP rated) cabinets.

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Cheval Technology Co., Ltd

Focused on the production of customized (ODM) 19” enclosures for our multi-national clients. CT assembles Cheval's “Arion” brand power distribution units (PDU) and other mechanical assemblies.

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Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd

Cheval's warehouse and logistic center for both the Thailand and overseas 19" rack market. Racks are assembled, configured as needed and dispatched to clients.

Cheval (City Office)

Our City office is the group's authorized sales and distribution outlet, providing consulting services, mechanical assembly, warehousing, and full logistic support to its extensive client base.

Are you interested in our OEM, OBM, ODM service or becoming a distributor?

If you’re in need of an improved version of your existing 19″ rack, or need a world class 19″ rack solution, our design and manufacturing service can support your requirements.  We can design complete solutions from concept drawings or modify your existing products.  We can also use our own Cheval designs as a starting point for your custom solution.

If you’re looking for a top of the line 19″ rack line to distribute, we welcome inquiries for our Arion and Solis 19″ racks and family of accessories as well as our established lines of general purpose DIY enclosures.

Please contact us to start the discussion!

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