OEM, OBM, ODM Service

OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer

For your established product, We can provide you top quality manufacturing, on time delivery and logistic support at very competitive prices. We have shipped hundreds of thousands of 19″ enclosures to worldwide locations, with near zero fallout. Our multiple manufacturing sites provide capacity and redundancy for your secure business planning.

Our OEM service covers a wide range of products including indoor 19″ enclosures, outdoor IP/NEMA rated cabinets and any other type of precision electronic enclosure. We control the process from CNC punching to final assembly and packing so you don’t have to worry about quality or delivery issues.

ODM : Original Design Manufacturer

ODM Services: If you don’t have or are not satisfied with your current enclosure, Our design teams can develop the perfect solution for you. Working with you, our team can:

  • Develop and improve your enclosure.
  • Customize an existing to your specification.
  • Develop a complete solution from the ground up.

Our people have been delivering custom solutions to the ICT world and we have the experience needed to take you through the entire process. We not only design the product, but also have developed a range of packing solutions to maximize the shipping and storage efficiency reducing total costs to you.

OBM : Original Brand Manufacturer

OBM Services: If you are looking for an off the shelf solution, Our factory has a wide selection of UL listed 19″ server and network enclosures, aisle containment systems, PDU’s, wall mounts and related accessories. Whether you’re setting up a data center or small office server room, we can support your needs. Distributor inquiries welcome.