We have designed both a knock down version and fully welded version of the latest OCP ORV3 Open Rack version 1.0

Basic Features:

  • Static Load rated 1,600 kg.
  • Dynamic Load rated 1,400 kg
  • Knock down version estimate 80 sets per 40’
  • Assembled version estimate 27 sets per 40’
  • 44 OU/48 RU overall internal mounting space
  • U numbers printed for easy equipment installation
  • 48 VDC bus bar power architecture
  • Overall foot print is 600 mm x 1068 mm
  • Can customize to your specification.

Basic Rack Overview:

  • Overall height : 2,236 mm (no casters)
  • Overall height on casters : 2,286 mm
  • Overall depth : 1,068 mm
  • Overall width : 600 mm
  • Form factor: 44 0U / 48RU
  • Net Weight 145 KG (Frame only)
  • Basic Rack includes Frame, Casters, Leveling Feet, Cable Rails and 2 x support rails.

Revision table:

Date Revision Author Description
6 JUN 2022 0.1 Glenn Charest Initial Release
24 AUG 2022 0.2 GC, SM, LV Major Updates
22 SEP 2022 1.0 SM Released to the community

Mock Up Example:

The ORV3 platform can accommodate liquid cooling manifolds as well as the 48 volt busbar. This mock up shows both along with side panel and basic bolt down brackets.

Accessories: Perforated Door, Split Doors and Side Panel.

Accessories: Blanking Panels Standard 1

Standard 1 and 2 OU panels which mount to IT Rails or power shelf rail

Brand new 1 0U panel mounts direct to frame, no need IT rails.

Accessories: Power Shelf Rails

1 0U Power Shelf Rails

2 0U IT Power Shelf Rails

Accessories: 21” and 19” Adapter Kits

1 0U 21” to 19” Adapter Rails

2 RU 19” Adapter Kit

23 RU 19” Adapter Rails

Accessories: Equipment Tray

1 0U 21” to 19” Equipment Tray

Cheval OCP rack with Seismic Bracing Kits



ORV3 Standard Stabilization Brackets

Front and Rear Stabilizer

Side Stabilizers

Cheval OCP ORV3 Rack: Assembled and packed on simple pallet can load 27 sets per 40’ container

Unassembled Bulk Pack Example

These are examples of packing standard 19” racks, but the concept for ORV3 is the same

“Custom ORV3 racks made for Nvidia”

For more infomations, please Contact.

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