Arion Power Bar Series APU0620, APUI3320, APUI4420, APUI5520, APUI6620

Cheval’s Arion Power Bar Series are a heavy duty line of basic PDU’s ideal for your workshop, LAB, Industry equipment or IT requirements. The combination of Universal and International style sockets allows you to plug in almost any device without need for adaptors. The Arion Power Bar provides 11-220V single phase AC power and maximum 20 Amp total current and maximum 20 Amp per individual socket. It comes preconfigured with the NEMA 5-15P plug [110-220V 15Amp].

The Arion Power Bar is equipped with a 20 Amp 2 poles safety breaker to prevent accidental overloads and a power off/on switch. The 2 poles system will cut both live and neutral lines. Arion Power Bar is available in several configurations of 6, 8, 10 and 12 total sockets equally divided between Universal socket and International socket types.

Technical note
The unit comes with the Nema 5-1 SP plug. You can fully utilize capacity by changing the Nema
5-15P plug to the Nema 5-20P plug 110/115V 20 Amp [maybe you need to change your wall house
socket to the Nema 5-20R 110/115V 20 Amp]