Best Full Aluminum Electronic Enclosure suitable for any type of electronic project.

Our SA Series of stand alone general use electronic enclosures is a highly versatile line of quality enclosures for both industrial and hobbyist use.  The high grade aluminum body provides a strong and light weight structure and our “open frame” design, allows easy access to the components being assembled inside.  The Aluminum front and rear panels are ideal for end user customization.  Available in 24 different sizes and configurations, the SA Series enclosures come flat packed and its unique “snap together” design requires only 4 screws to complete the assembly.

With side panel chassis plus aluminum mount bar make more flexible position to adjust mount place.
(2 Aluminum bar include in set)

Our enclosure Pros.

  • Light weight and strong
  • Very durable all aluminum (AL 5052) construction
  • Easy to assemble, only 4 screws needed
  • Extensive top/bottom and side/side ventilation
  • “Open Frame” design maximizes user convenience for component assembly
  • Two pieces of extruded aluminum general purpose bars for components fixing are included in the basic kit.  

Standard and Material:

  • Conform to  IEC-60 297-1.
  • Premium grade (AL 5052) aluminum.
  • Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
  • All materials RoHS compliant.

For Steel version, no mounting bar include for size 1.5U – 4U. Please check product information sheet.